Top Dorm Rules You Must Follow At Hostels

Dorm Rules

Dorm Rules At Hostels

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1. Keep Quiet

The quiet hours at The White Rabbit are 11pm-7am.  Don’t sit around in a circle with your friends drinking and talking about how awesome your night was at 4am.  No one cares, people are trying to sleep!  Turn your cell phone off, and if you a snorer we have a very comfortable couch in the common area downstairs.

2.  Don’t Be Messy

We clean the dorms everyday but we are not your mother.  Pick up after yourself and for the love of all that is holy don’t eat food in the dorms.  It can attract pests that are not pleasant in the slightest.  How are you going to feel if a bunch of ants are sharing your bed?

3.  No Sex

Sadly, this must be said.  Yes, everyone can hear you.  No, they don’t find it amusing.  Don’t be surprised if your fellow roommates pull up a chair and give you critiques on your performance.  If anything, use the bathroom.  Easy cleanup, but DO NOT sit on the sinks.  This is extremely dangerous and can cause a lot of damage to the sink and yourself.

And yes, the rule also includes having sex with yourself.

4.  Don’t Steal

We are more than willing to call the police and have them haul you off to some god forsaken Cambodia prison if we catch you stealing anything.  Plus, it’s just rude to steal from your fellow dorm mates.  We provide lockers so people should use those or we can keep your valuables locked up in a safe place.

5.  Be Polite

You’re going to be sharing a room for at least a couple nights with other people who are also traveling, just like you!  Make the most of it and introduce yourself, be polite, and maybe if you break any rules they won’t throw you out in the middle of the night.  Also, the dorm room is not clothing optional.  Put some pants on!

If you have any other rules that you think should be added then comment below.  We are always open to suggestions.

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