Thank You For Booking

You should receive an email confirmation shortly. If not, please contact us with the details of your booking.

If your arrival time you indicated on your booking changes for any reason please give us a call or email us and let us know. If you are more than 2 hours late you may lose your booking unless you have called/emailed and let us know that you are running late. Just let us know, we’re flexible! 🙂

We are located in the neighborhood of BKK1 in Phnom Penh. Our address is Building 40A, Street 294. If you are getting a tuk tuk/taxi from the bus station or airport have your driver call us at 023 223 170 and our staff can give them directions. A tuk tuk from the bus stations should be around $2 or $3. From the airport a tuk tuk is around $7 and a taxi is $10.

If you have any more questions check out or FAQ or Contact Us.